Ontario Online Gambling: All You Need To Know

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Gary Pearson @newagejourno Mar 18, 2024, 2:47 PM
  • BetMGM has operated in Ontario since April 4, 2022.
  • Online sports betting is legal in Ontario, and bettors must be 19 years old to wager.
  • Ontario is the only province and territory in Canada where BetMGM is permitted to operate.

Online sports betting is quickly gaining popularity and prominence in Canada, especially in Ontario, the only province or territory permitting third-party operators like BetMGM.

According to a report conducted by Deloitte, Ontario’s regulated sports betting market supported over 12,000 jobs as of June 2023. 

Ontario residents can utilize the BetMGM sports betting app and desktop version to place wagers on various sports and teams at the online sportsbook.

Ontario Gambling: Everything You Need To Know

BetMGM entered Ontario’s regulated online sports betting market on April 4, 2022. 

Is It Legal to Gamble in Ontario?

Yes, gambling and online sports betting are legal in Ontario. The Safe and Regulated Betting Act was passed on June 22, 2021, permitting single-game online wagers.

How Can I Bet on Sports in Ontario?

Bettors in Ontario must be 19 years old to place wagers. If you create an account with BetMGM to place bets in Ontario, you’ll be prompted to provide personal details while verifying your age and identity. 

You can make your first real money deposit through various means (credit card, PayPal, e-transfer, Apple Pay) after BetMGM approves the account. 

You’ll then have access to various sports betting options, including moneyline, spreads, over/under, parlays, player props, game props, live bets, and more. 

When Was Gambling Legalized in Canada?

Gambling in Canada was legalized in 1985 when the federal government allowed each province the autonomy to create its own sports betting regulations. While legal, bettors could only place parlay-style wagers, not single-game bets. 

Those restrictions were in place country-wide until Aug. 27, 2021. Beforehand, bettors had to place their wagers through government-run lottery systems. That still applies to most of the country, in case you were wondering if Alberta sports betting online is legal or not.

The Safe and Regulated Betting Act was passed in Ontario on June 22, 2021, allowing single-game online wagers. 

Online single-game wagering is available in nine provinces: British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Alberta, and Nova Scotia. 

Nova Scotia was the latest province to legalize online single-game sports betting on Friday, Feb. 11, 2022. However, only Ontario has thus far opened the door to non-government-ran operators like BetMGM.